Haiti Agroforestry Projects

Auburn faculty and staff who contributed to the Agroforestry projects:

Paul Starr, Chief of Party and Professor of Sociology.
Don Street, Professor of Economics
Richard Guthrie, Associate Dean of International Programs, College of Agriculture, Pedologist
Gene Hunter, Horticulture
Joel Timyan, Forester, Tree Germplasm Improvement
Kent Reid, Forester, Nursery Research
Pierre Rosseau, Agroforestry Research, Agronomy and Soils (now Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences)
Dennis Shannon, Agronomy and Soils, Agroforestry Research
Steve Goodwin, Administrator
Walter Kelley, Professor, School of Forestry, Campus Coordinator
Curtis Jolly, Professor, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, marketing
*reports are listed in descending numerical order

Book. Bwa Yo: Important Trees of Haiti

Report 33. Economic indicators of Agroforestry II strategy implementation: farm income analysis to agricultural project analysis

Report 31. Development of stock quality criteria

Report 30. The effects of alley cropping and fertilizer application on continuously-cropped maize

Report 29. Agroforestry knowledge, attitudes and practices in Northwest Haiti

Report 27. A financial analysis of selected hedgerow operations in Haiti’s Southern and Northwestern regions

Report 25. Time rate of discounting and decisions of Haitian tree planters

Report 24. Effects of seed treatment methods of germination of Simarouba glauca var. Latifolia Cronq.

Report 23. A Geographic Information System (GIS) approach to locating potential planting sites for Catalpa Longissima species (china) in Haiti

Report 21. Factors affecting seedling mortality in Haitian agroforestry

Report 20. Storage conditions and pre-germination methods for seed of selected tropical tree species

Report 19. Biological, physiological and environmental factors affecting the health of trees important to Haiti

Report 17. Assessment of hedgerow performances in the Haitian context

Report 16. Soil profile description for selected sites in Haiti

Report 15. An explorative approach for assessing soil movement on hillsides. Application for hedgerow performance

Report 14. Financial analysis of selected tree operations in Haiti’s Northwest and Central Plateau

Report 13. Technical constraints in Haitian agroforestry: research on tool use and need in two regions

Report 11. Outline of techniques for use in studying agroforestry hedgerows and alley cropping systems in Haiti

Report 10. The impact of hedgerows on agricultural production.

Report 09. Socio-cultural factors in Haitian agroforestry: research results from four regions

Report 08. The pole market in Haiti: southwest to Port-au-Prince

Report 07. Haiti regional tree nursery cost study

Report 06. The charcoal market in Haiti: Northwest to Port-au-Prince

Report 05. Microsymbiont colonization and seedling development as influenced by inoculation method: Rhizobium and Frankia

Report 04. Seedling growth and development in different container types and potting mixes

Report 03. Short-term seedling field survival and growth as influenced by container type and potting mix

Report 02. An interim report on influences of inoculation with nitrogen-fixing symbionts on reforestation efforts in Haiti

Report 01. Tree planting in Haiti: a socio-economic appraisal