Stallworth-Torbert AU International (AUI)Ā Call for Proposals

AU International provides monetary awards to undergraduate students for international internships, structured educational experiences, or cooperative work assignments. The program is designed to give Auburn students majoring in agriculture or a field related to agricultureā€”including forestry, wildlife, zoology, botany, food technology and pre-veterinary medicineā€”the opportunity to experience agriculture on a global level.Ā  The program supports a variety of independent study-abroad experiences. Students work with their advisors to develop and articulate their own international study experiences. Programs of study can be organized as formally structured educational experiences, internships, or cooperative work assignments.

APPLICATION: An initial one-page proposal consisting of objectives, description, schedule and budget for activity to take place during or after April 2012 should be submitted. You may be asked for further information or clarification before an award is made.

The budget rows should show the costs of the activity; airfare; lodging, meals, tuition or fees; other costs. The budget columns should show the sources of the funding: AUI, Self or Family, Other (explain).

Independent study credit can be organized under the guidance of a faculty member following the AU approval process. An approved study plan is not required for the proposal, but will be for the award. We anticipate three to five funded proposals each supported $1,000 to $2,000 by AUI.

SUBMIT:Ā  To the Office of Global ProgramsĀ  in 100 Comer Hall by Feb. 15

SCHEDULE: Submissions due Feb.15; decisions will be made by March 1st.

CONTACT: Dr. Henry Fadamiro, Assistant Dean and Director of Global Programs Ā