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USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems

The cooperative agreement is for $49 million over five years.

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China – CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative (Category A-C)

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) offers a package of international fellowships, collectively called the “CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI)”, to support highly-qualified international scientists and postgraduate students to work and study at CAS institutions and strengthen their scientific collaboration with CAS researchers. The PIFI program is available for four categories of international researchers and students: distinguished scientists, visiting scientists, postdoctoral researchers and international PhD students.

Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Deadline: 31 March 2015
Activity Location: China
Award Amount: Varies

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Brazil – Post Doctoral Fellowship in Biogeochemistry

“Net Ecosystem Exchange of the Lower Amazon River: From Land to the Ocean and Atmosphere” is a new program (2013-2017) examining the dynamics of water movement and organic matter (OM) sources and sinks that culminate in the production of elevated pCO2 over the last 900 km of the Amazon River, through local point sampling and extended cruises. The unit seeks a post-doctoral fellow who will be responsible for managing field logistics/sample collections, developing protocols for deployment of Picarro 13C gas analyzer under field conditions, supporting measurements at Amazon and CENA labs (metabolomics, pigments), and compiling historic and current geochemical databases. The Fellows will be based at CENA, with extensive travel for fieldwork in the Amazon, working out of the cities of Macapá, Belem, and Santarém.

Sponsor: Foundation for Research Support of the State of SĂŁo Paulo
Deadline: 30 June 2015 (Anticipated)
Activity Location: Brazil
Award Amount: R$133,872BRL to R$ 200,808BRL

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Australia – Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Climate Change and Clean Energy

The Fulbright Scholarships in Climate Change and Clean Energy Award was established by the Prime Minister of Australia the Honorable Julia Gillard and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in November 2010 to increase collaboration on clean energy research and to address the social challenges of responding and adapting to the impact of climate change. Preference will be given to proposals focused on the social and economic responses to the impact of climate change and/or the development and adoption of clean energy technologies. Only applications in the following disciplines will be considered: Anthropology, Economics, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Law, Public Administration, Public/Global Health, Sociology, and Urban Planning. A PhD (or other terminal degree) is required.

Sponsor: Institute of International Education
Deadline: 01 August 2015
Award Amount: Stipend, housing allowance, travel, dependent tuition allowance

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Global – CDKN Climate Compatible Development Impact Research Fund (CIRF)

The Climate compatible development Impact Research Fund (CIRF) aims to fill priority research gaps and answer key questions relating to climate compatible development, across four thematic areas:

  • Robust national plans for climate compatible development transitions
  • Enabling conditions for urban climate compatible development
  • Climate-related disaster risk management and adaptation
  • Climate Compatible Development and the Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus

CDKN challenges the international research community to develop innovative research to provide a robust and accessible evidence base for decision-making and achieve maximum policy impact. Multi- or inter-disciplinary research collaborations are encouraged.

Sponsor: Climate and Development Knowledge Network
Deadline: 26 September 2015 (anticipated)
Activity Location: Unrestricted
Award Amount: Varies based on project

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Global Scientist Opportunities: Working with Earthwatch (Student Opportunity)

Earthwatch is looking to support research projects that align with and contribute to global environmental priorities and agendas. Specifically, they seek projects that aim that improve the management and stewardship of biodiversity, reduce human-wildlife conflicts, investigate/restore degraded ecosystems, investigate threats to ocean health and freshwater systems, and projects that assess and/or mitigate the impacts of a changing climate. Furthermore, Earthwatch is looking for projects with an overarching focus on improving the understanding of nature’s response to accelerating global change.

Sponsor: Earthwatch Institute
Deadline: 29 September 2015
Activity Location: Unrestricted
Award Amount: USD$17,000 (lower) to $51,000 (upper)

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Mexico – Wildlife Without Borders

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) are soliciting proposals for projects that address Mexico’s capacity building for biodiversity conservation. The program objectives are:

  • To address the training needs of Mexican natural resources managers for managing and conserving biodiversity;
  • To provide local communities access to training that links sound management practices in priority biodiversity areas with the creation of sustainable economic opportunities; and
  • To involve key stakeholder groups to address biodiversity conservation challenges to enable the delivery and implementation of effective conservation actions.
Sponsor: U.S. Department of the Interior
Deadline: 01 October 2015
Activity Location: Mexico
Award Amount: USD$5,000 (lower) to $50,000 (upper)

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Qatar – National Priorities Research Program (NPRP)

The mission of the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) is to advance knowledge and education by supporting original, competitively-selected research and development at all levels and across all disciplines with an emphasis on the four pillars of the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS). The goal of the program is to competitively select research projects that will address national priorities through supporting basic and applied research, as both may lead to expertise in new sectors and to the creation of intellectual property as a powerful tool for economic development and wealth creation. It will also strive to build bridges between businesses, government, academia, and other stakeholders in Qatar, and between Qatar and the international research community.

Sponsor: Qatar Foundation & Qatar National Research Fund
Deadline: 15 October 2015
Activity Location: Qatar
Award Amount: USD$20,000 (lower) to $900,000(upper)

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United Kingdom – Marshall Sherfield Fellowships  

The aim of the Fellowships is to introduce American scientists and engineers to the cutting edge of UK science and engineering. It is intended that this will build longer term contacts and international links between the United Kingdom and the United States in key scientific areas. In appointing Fellows, the selectors will look for distinction of intellect and character through scholastic achievements and other activities and achievements. Candidates, who will be expected to pursue high level research during their Fellowship, should demonstrate an outward-looking disposition, good communications skills and the potential to promote British-American understanding.

Sponsor: Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission
Deadline: 10 November 2015
Activity Location: United Kingdom
Award Amount: Varies

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Israel – Regular Research Grants

The regular research grants program is the main program of the Binational Science Foundation. Submission of regular grant applications is on a split-program basis; that is, the eligibility to submit applications is limited, in alternate years, to either health sciences, life sciences and psychology; or to exact, physical and social sciences. Some interdisciplinary applications may qualify scientifically for submission in either year of the split program.  Cooperative research is a fundamental requirement for the BSF and is viewed by the Foundation as active collaboration between Israeli and American scientists. A joint research program must be presented in the form of a single coordinated proposal which clearly defines the roles and tasks of the respective partners.

Sponsor: United States – Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)
Deadline: 13 November 2015
Activity Location: United States and Israel
Award Amount: USD $230,000 (Upper)

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India – United States—India Science and Technology Endowment Fund

The fund aims to select and financially support promising joint U.S.-India entrepreneurial initiatives that address the theme of “commercializing technologies for societal impact” through a competitive grants program. Proposals must include a minimum of one partner from each country.

The program is divided into two broad categories:

  • Healthy Individuals: Supports the development of affordable biomedical devices, diagnostic/preventive/ curative measures, or food and nutrition products to improve health.
  • Empowering Citizens: Supports efforts to reduce the digital/technology divide. This could include information and communication technologies with societal impact.
Sponsor: Indo-US Science and Technology Forum
Deadline: Stage 1: 16 August 2015
Stage 2: 21 November 2015
Activity Location: United States & India
Award Amount: INR $400,000

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