Global Programs

3+2 Programs

Our 3+2 programs provide for direct admission of selected third-year Chinese students into an accelerated M.S. degree program at Auburn University. Chinese students with three years of home university coursework complete an additional two years of coursework (and thesis research if the student follows the thesis option) leading to the Master of Science degree from Auburn University. The program facilitates the admission of highly qualified undergraduates into what is known as a 3 +2 or five-year Master’s degree program.  Students complete their 4th year coursework at Auburn University and the Chinese university awards the bachelor’s degree at the end of the first year at Auburn.  Students complete coursework and thesis research in the second year at Auburn, receiving the M.S. degree from Auburn. The 3+2 programs do not award an AU bachelor’s degree. Although 3+2 programs operate under a broad agreement between each university and Auburn University, admissions and degree programs are administered by each participating department.

Programs by Subject Area:

Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences Entomology and Plant Pathology

Programs by University:

China Agricultural University, Beijing Northwest Agricultural & Forestry University, Yangling
Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao Ocean University of China, Qingdao
Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan  


Application Process

Third-year Chinese students notify their graduate coordinators of interest in applying, providing an English vita, transcripts, and letter of application. Chinese university liaisons provide a list of qualified students and their materials to AU for consideration. AU graduate liaisons review the student materials, extending invitations to qualified individuals to formally apply for the 3+2 program through the AU Graduate School in January. Students meet normal GRE and TOEFL requirements unless otherwise waived or satisfied as per the program agreement.


Chinese university selects candidates, provides Auburn with a list of nominated participants, and the identified students complete online applications by December 15. Admission decisions by AU departments are completed in February. Chinese university students are notified in March, and are admitted directly to AU as graduate students under the authority of the Dean of the Graduate School.