Admission & Enrollment

Your process for enrolling in an online course will depend on your level of student status. Use the links below to begin your admission to Auburn University as an undergraduate, graduate or non-degree-seeking student. Please note that enrollment in a certificate course does not require official admission to the university.

APPLY AS a NEW Graduate Student

In order to be admitted as a graduate student in one of our online degree programs, you first need to apply to the Auburn University Graduate School. In addition, review the faculty page and find a professor who is willing to advise you in your graduate studies. It is a good idea to send a letter of interest or intent to the potential major professor as well.

Apply to AU Graduate School CSES Faculty Directory

ENROLL AS A Fully Admitted Undergraduate or Graduate Student

As an undergraduate or graduate student of Auburn University, you may enroll through AU Access. Distance education course numbers end in 6 for graduate courses and 3 for undergraduate courses. Laboratory courses end in 1. When choosing a lab course, be sure to choose the section designed for distance education students.

AU Access

APPLY AS A Transient Student

If you are enrolled at another university and wish to complete an online course to transfer back to your university, you will need to apply for status as a transient student.

Undergraduate Transient  Graduate Transient

Students enrolling in certificate courses

Enrollment in certificate courses does not require admission to Auburn University. However, it is your responsibility to prepare with adequate science and math prerequisite background.

ENROLL AS A Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Student

If you are not officially enrolled as a graduate student at Auburn but wish to enroll in one of our online graduate courses, simply apply through the Graduate School to take a course.

Note: If you later decide to enroll in one of our graduate programs, you may apply up to two semesters of courses taken before your admission as a degree-seeking student.

Apply for a Graduate Course

APPLY AND ENROLL AS AN Undergraduate Student

If you wish take an undergraduate course for Auburn credit but are not yet enrolled as an undergraduate, you must apply for admission to the university.

Apply for Admission