CSES 7086 Experimental Methods (Data Analysis)

This course is designed to teach graduate students the principles and procedures of planning, conducting, and analyzing statistically valid experiments. Students will learn basic experimental designs to gain a working knowledge of good design principles. This course will provide participants with the hands-on skills needed to analyze their experimental data efficiently using appropriate statistical procedures, while also providing the theoretical framework. Mandatory weekly homework assignments will reinforce lecture topics and introduce students to software tools needed for modern data analysis.

Course Topics include the following:

  • The process of analyzing data
  • Linear models
  • Basic experimental designs
  • Factorial treatment designs
  • Expected mean squares
  • Mixed models
  • Split-plot restrictions on randomization
  • Repeated measures analysis
  • Analysis of multi-environment experiments
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Non-linear models

This course is intended for graduate students conducting experimental research in animal, environmental, plant, or soil sciences and for individuals planning a career that requires them to evaluate experimental data and extend that knowledge to clients.


3 Credits


CSES 6016 Analysis of Plant, Soil and Animal Data


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