CSES 7146 Chemistry and the Use of Herbicides in Crop Production

Chemistry and use of Herbicides in Crop Production discusses the principles and use of herbicides in agronomic crops. The methods of herbicide application, including time, incorporation and formulation, the fate of herbicides in soil and the ecological impact on succeeding plant species are covered in this course. There is no lab component to this course.

In this course, students will:

  • Develop a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the herbicides that support North American agriculture
  • Acquire an appreciation for the risks vs. benefits of herbicide use
  • Gain a historical perspective of how agriculture became dependent on herbicides
  • Obtain an understanding of GMO, herbicide-resistant crops, and why and how they are made, in addition trends to expect in the future

Each student will be required to complete three examinations and participate in discussions.

3 credits

CSES 3120/3123 Principles of Weed Science

None. All materials supplied by instructor


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