CSES 5083/6086 Soil Resources and Conservation

The objectives of this course are to provide sound principles and procedures for planning the wise use and management of soil resources for both agricultural and non-agricultural purposes. This course covers topics related to land use planning and the management of soils as a resource for sustainable crop production, urban and industrial development, and ecosystem protection.

The first unit will cover various ways to assess land for agricultural and other uses, the long-term consequences of land use, soil erosion by water and by wind, soil erosion prediction models, and soil and water conservation measures. The second unit will cover soil quality for agriculture and soil assessment for non-agricultural uses. The third unit will cover wetlands. The fourth unit will deal with water related issues: non-point source (NPS) pollution, best management practices for abatement of NPS pollution, and stormwater management.

Although the primary focus is on Alabama and Southeastern United States, soil conservation in other parts of the world, particularly in the tropics, will be discussed.

There are four mid-term exams and a final exam, as well as written assignments.

4 credits

CSES 2043 Basic Soil Science or its equivalent.

Soil andWater Conservation for Productivity and Environmental Protection. Troeh, Hobbs and Donahue 4th edition (2004). Pearson Education. ISBN 0-13-096807-2

*CSES 5083 is the undergraduate version of the course / CSES 6086 is the graduate level version of the course


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