CSES 5063/6066 Soil Microbiology Lecture

Soil Microbiology Lecture is a senior undergraduate or graduate level course designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge of microorganisms in terrestrial ecosystems. The course will cover ecology, physiology, and biochemistry of soil microorganisms with emphasis on soil microbial processes that are important to environmental quality and soil productivity.

Course topics include the following:

  • Soil as a habitat for organisms
  • Components of the soil biota
  • Distribution of microorganisms in soil
  • Interactions between soil organisms
  • Methods of studying soil microorganisms
  • Carbon transformations and soil organic matter
  • The nitrogen cycle
  • Biodegradation and bioremediation

There are 3 exams for the course (2 mid-terms and a final exam).

3 credits

BIOL 3200 General Microbiology or its equivalent.

Van Elsas, Jansson, and Trevors.  2007.  Modern oil microbiology. 2nd edition. Taylor & Francis Group. 

*CSES 5063 is the undergraduate version of the course / CSES 6066 is the graduate level version of the course


For More Information

Photo of Yucheng Feng, Auburn University, CSES, AL, USA
Yucheng Feng
Professor (Soil Microbiology)
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