Career Opportunities

Improving life for billions is no small task. It means scientific solutions and innovative technology. It means business advancement and a passion for people. That’s why careers in our industry are so diverse. Whether you prefer the field or the boardroom, the lab or the production line, we’re confident you’ll find just the right fit.

Career Outlook

aaesLooking for a high-demand career field? According to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, new research predicts nearly 60,000 high-skilled jobs annually in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and environmental fields, but only 35,000 graduates each year to fill them.

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Careers by Major

   This is how we build economies and strengthen communities.

          Banking and finance Business development
          Lobbying Law and public policy
          Production management Agribusiness
          Commodity buying Community development
          Insurance Operations management

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    This is how we spread knowledge to the world.

          Law and public policy Public relations
          Product marketing Corporate communications
          Commodity sales Social media management
          Audience and market research Journalism
          Media strategy Web and digital communications

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This is how we meet industries’ diverse demands.

Agricultural sales Agribusiness
Farm management Ranch management
Agriscience education Agricultural extension
Marketing Research lab management
Nursery and greenhouse management Food safety

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This is how we prepare the next generation.

Educational leadership Agribusiness consulting
Agricultural extension State and local government
K-12 education Vocational or community college teaching
Agricultural sales Public relations
Law and public policy Marketing

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¬† ¬† This is how we build the foundation for the world’s largest industry.

          Sports turf development and management Golf course construction and management
          Crop production Farm management
          Chemical research and development Land use consulting
          Agricultural climatology Seed production
          Weed science Soil quality research

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    This is how we maintain life and feed a growing population.

          Medicine and veterinary medicine Animal health and nutrition
          Ranch or farm management Animal genetics
          Food safety Zoo keeping
          Horse breeding Animal research
          Production management Food product development

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This is how we solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

Environmental scientist Biotechnology scientist
Research associate Seed production technician
Genetic engineer Sustainability officer
Product marketing manager Plant geneticist
Safety specialist Clinical trial manager

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    This is how we advance technology to produce better food and cleaner energy.

          Equipment design and development Industrial engineering
          Production engineering Quality control engineering and management
          Biofuel development Irrigation engineering
          Natural resources protection and management Ecosystems restoration
          Green and renewable product development Water resources management

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    This is how we conserve and protect the natural world around us.

          Natural resources protection and management Environmental consulting
          Environmental policy and law Conservation
          Environmental management Energy and air pollution control
          Restoration ecology Renewable energy development
          Environmental lobbying Recycling management

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    This is how we feed a growing population while protecting our natural resources.

          Marine biology Pond management
          Fish and shellfish farming Pond design and development
          Hatchery management Medicine and veterinary medicine
          Fishery management Aquatic resources management
          Fish and seafood production Wetlands conservation and management

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    This is how we ensure safe, quality meals.

          Food safety Quality control management
          Food product development Food packaging design and development
          Food production management Process design, development and management
          Nutrition science and research Food production engineering
          Natural products research and development Public health

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    This is how we create healthier food and more beautiful communities.

          Landscape design Greenhouse management
          Nursery management Natural resource management
          Fruit and vegetable production Environmental conservation
          Botanical gardening Nursery production
          Organic gardening and farming Arboretum design, development and management

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    This is how we develop healthier sources of food.

          Food safety Quality control management
          Production management Food packaging design and development
          Farm management Medicine and veterinary medicine
          Process engineering Animal health and nutrition
          Research and development Hatchery management

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