College of Agriculture Curriculum Committee


Reviews curriculum proposals submitted by department curriculum committees. Submits approved curriculum actions to the Dean’s Office and the University Curriculum Committee. Reviews and makes recommendation for advising and instruction awards.


Guidelines: Each department in the College of Agriculture will have a representative on this committee. The members of this committee will be appointed by the department heads/chairs.   The Dean of the College of Agriculture will confirm the members of the committee. Traditionally, the members are also members of their respective department curriculum committees and possibly the chair of their department committees. The term of service is for up to three years. Successive terms are allowed. The committee will elect a chair every two years. The associate dean for instruction and director of advising serves as an ex officio, non-voting member. The College of Agriculture’s representative to the University Curriculum Committee serves as an ex officio, non-voting member unless they also serve as their departmental representative.


Dr. Jian Rong (Agricultural Economics)
Term ends: 12/2021

Dr. David Han (Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science)
Term ends: 12/2020

Dr. Carolyn Huntington, Chair (Animal Sciences)
Term ends: 7/2022
Term ends as chair: 7/2022

Dr. Jon Davis (Biosystems Engineering)
Term ends: 7/2023

Dr. Katheryn Lawrence (Entomology & Plant Pathology)
Term ends: 7/2021

Dr. Alan Wilson (Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture)
Term ends: 7/2022

Dr. Jay Spiers (Horticulture)
Term ends: 7/2022

Dr. Jessica Starkey (Poultry Science)
Term ends: 7/2023

Dr. Amy Wright (Dean’s Office — Ex officio, non-voting)
Term ends: Indefinite

Ms. Amy Brock (Dean’s Office — Ex officio, non-voting)
Term ends: Indefinite

Dr. Mark Dougherty (College Representative on the University Curriculum Committee — Ex officio, non-voting)
Term ends: 7/2022