Budget Advisory Committee


The budget advisory committee for the College of Agriculture is an advisory group to the dean on budget related matters. The committee will meet in the fall and spring of each year with additional meetings scheduled as necessary. Committee members are encouraged to actively participate in the budget meetings and disseminate the information provided to their colleagues in the department.


Each department in the College of Agriculture will have a representative on this committee. The members of this committee will be appointed by the department heads/chairs.   The Dean of the College of Agriculture will confirm the members of the committee. The term of service is three years with staggered appointments by department.  Successive terms are allowed. The committee will elect a chair every two years. The Director of Agriculture Business & Fiscal Administration serves as an ex officio, non-voting member.


Dr. Gene Simpson (Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology)
Term ends: 10/1/2017

Dr. Christy Bratcher (Animal Sciences)
Terms ends: 10/1/2019

Dr. Scott McElroy (Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences)
Term ends: 10/1/2019

Dr. David Blersch (Biosystems Engineering)
Term ends: 10/1/2017

Dr. DeLa Fuente (Entomology and Plant Pathology)
Term ends: 10/1/2018

Dr. Eric Peatman (Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences)
Term ends: 10/1/2018

Dr. Glenn Fain (Horticulture)
Term ends: 10/1/2017

Dr. Bill Dozier (Poultry Science)
Term ends: 10/1/17

Scott Parsons (Business Administration — Ex officio)