High Impact Paper of the Year Award


The College of Agriculture has established the High Impact Paper of the Year Award to recognize tenure track faculty members who have generated high quality publications that have had a high scientific or economic impact.



Nominations from Department Heads/Chairs or faculty members, including self-nominations, are all acceptable.


Process and Evaluation Criteria

  • The research must be original and creative and the publication must have had a significant scientific or economic impact;
  • The scientific impact can be measured by the number of people who have used the publication as measured by citations. All verifiable counts of citations (e.g., Google Scholar user profiles for citations) are acceptable. Economic impact can be measured by the development of commercial products (e.g. varieties, software etc.), along with estimates of the economic gains in the state and national economy as a result of the publication and its related technology. The assessment of economic impact should come from independent scientists.
  • Papers to be considered must have an Auburn University College of Agriculture faculty member author. Furthermore, the College of Agriculture faculty member must be the first author (including co-first author), or corresponding author or major professor/supervisor of the first author.
  • The citation counts and economic impact will be measured for the first five years after the publication date in a sliding manner. For example, papers considered in 2011 will include papers published since 2007; papers considered for this award in 2013 will include papers published since 2008.
  • All nominations will be evaluated by the College Research Awards Committee that is composed of previous winners of various research award(s) in the college.


The Award

The winner will receive $2,000 in program support as well as a plaque recognizing this accomplishment.


Presentation of Award

The award will be presented at the annual College of Agriculture award program.

Nomination Form