Strategic Plan — Research and Graduate Education

Our Impact: Research and Graduate Education

GOAL:  Support faculty and graduate students who will create science-based innovations and technologies for agriculture, food, and natural resources.


  1. Advance areas of excellence within and across units by leveraging historical strengths, existing competencies, and geographical advantages to meet current and future societal needs.
    1. Provide financial support for and recognition of interdisciplinary research programs
    2. Develop resources to support the recruitment and retention of high quality, productive and diverse faculty and graduate students
    3. Increase communication between faculty and stakeholders to identify emerging research needs in agricultural and natural resource sciences
  2. Strengthen the scientific enterprise by increasing our research capacity, capability, productivity, and quality to positively impact Alabama, national, and global communities.
    1. Provide training programs and personnel support that enhance the ability of faculty to secure extramural funding
    2. Recognize and reward successes of faculty and graduate students
    3. Recognize high-quality publications, patent applications and technology transfer, and be deliberate in sharing research activities and results with targeted scientific community, and stakeholders
    4. Invest in training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to be successful leaders in agriculture sciences and other careers
    5. Provide and identify faculty development opportunities, facilitate grant panel activities and editorial services, and actively target and recruit the nomination of faculty for national awards and other professional recognitions
  3. Foster and sustain a vibrant, collaborative and supportive research environment including the development of the facilities and infrastructure that advance scientific research.
    1. Promote a collaboratively-focused working environment that supports and values high quality, high impact and innovative interdisciplinary and multi-institution research.
    2. Provide seed funding for research and cost-share funding for equipment and facilities that encourages and emphasizes leveraging of funds
    3. Develop mechanism for securing funding and maintaining state-of-the-art research infrastructure and facilities
    4. Facilitate access to equipment, services, facilities, and training needed to conduct research

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