NIFA hosted a webinar yesterday to address some questions related to the impact of COVID-19 on NIFA grants and funded projects. Please see the attached file for answers to some FAQs. A few items for your consideration:
  • NIFA is encouraging ALL current and future USDA/NIFA grant recipients to review the information posted on the following website:
  • Can I continue to charge salaries, stipends, and benefits to currently active USDA NIFA awards for budgeted project team members who cannot perform work due to COVID-19? Yes. Recipients are authorized to continue to charge salaries, stipends, and benefits to currently active USDA NIFA awards consistent with the recipients’ policy of paying salaries (under unexpected or extraordinary circumstances) from all funding sources. Please review response #6 on FAQ page #5.
  • Can grants be extended if the research was disrupted? Yes, they are accepting requests for a no-cost extension. You must provide details on what specific activities you were not able to complete, and your plan for resuming and/or modifying the scope of your project. Communicate this to your program manager. Please review response #9 on FAQ page #6.
  • What is classroom instruction was a required activity in your project? Grant recipients are allowed to modify this activity. You may elect to continue classroom activities when they start up again on your campus. Alternatively, you may revise your scope of work. Pls are encouraged to contact their program manager and work out the details.
  • Looking forward, what types of funding priorities will NIFA be issuing? NIFA is gearing more programs towards Health and Wellness. Please visit their website frequently ( They anticipate issuing several new RFAs in the near future.
  • How best do we stay informed about NIFA programs? Applicants are encouraged to subscribe to NIFA updates. They come out with new notices every Wednesday.
Henry Fadamiro